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Benefits of Meditation for Elected and other Leaders

Green Sangha, a collaborating partner, offers Mindfulness Meditation Programs for leaders. Check out their website here: 


Article by Stuart Moody of GreenSangha with some easy meditation tips:


Why Meditate?


According to studies reviewed by the American Pschology Association and other professional organizations, meditation provides many benefits including stress reduction. Studies also show that meditation boosts "working memory."


Improved Focus: Another study examined how mindfulness meditation affected participants' ability to focus attention and suppress distracting information. 


Improved brain functioning: Mindfulness meditation practice and self-reported mindfulness were correlated directly with cognitive flexibility and attentional functioning (Moore and Malinowski, 2009).


Improved professional relationships: Research also supports the notion that mindfulness meditation decreases emotional reactivity.


More cognitive flexibility: Another line of research suggests that in addition to helping people become less reactive, mindfulness meditation may also give them greater cognitive flexibility.


For a copy of scientific studies and citations on the health benefits of Mindfulness Meditation, contact Dr. Theo Tsoukalas at: 

How can we create opportunities to meditate during a busy workday?


Some people meditate during lunch breaks, slipping quietly into side doors of temples, cathedrals, or their organization's quiet rooms. 


Many meditators close their eyes while sitting at their desks, lifting their minds out of 'cubicle consciousness' into a more expansive awareness.


While it is a good idea to meditate sitting up with good posture, it is ulitmately all about unchattering the mind and resting one's brain. So, it is possible to meditate in a prone position, if that is one's only opportunity to rest in the midst of a busy day.


And... a prone spinal stretch provides some lubrication to the spine while opening spaces between the disks.


Check out our three-minute video on how you can use your car as a sanctuary to meditate while stretching the spine (but not while driving  :)!


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